Boldly going where...o bollocks...:)

Peer pressure! I blame this blog (and any trauma/boredom…or trauma because of boredom…?) purely on peer pressure! A lot of people who have sat with me while I babbled, have listened to me teach or read something that I have scribbled still frequently ask me to start publishing?! And so, I unleash this blog unto the world…tumtumtum!…sorry, just couldn’t resist that 🙂 Now, other than tending to the dramatic, I am very passionate about world peace (while smiling and waving in ridiculous evening bling) – no, seriously, there is nothing more important to me than searching for (and finding!) the beauty in every moment and the meaning of every person’s heart. These and any other random things that might pop into my ever-busy noggin will be what you find here…


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